Then Came Michael

LGBTQIA Fiction by Sailor Penniman ~

Galen had no idea a weekend trip during his senior year of high school would be the reason he escaped the people who murdered his parents. Years later, he just wants a life he can count on, and, miraculously, he has it. His job as a police officer has treated him well for eleven years and lets him work on his own terms. He’s happily married to an androgynously sexy woman. His best friend works on the force.

On the night he arrests a man in the park for vagrancy and throws him into the holding cell at the police station, his life begins to unravel. For one thing, even from behind bars, the man draws in Galen and intoxicates him into forgetting how to do his job. For another, after Galen releases the man, Galen’s troubles don’t end. He can’t get the man out of his head, and he has an even harder time keeping his distance from him. Soon, all he can think about is Michael.

With the night of the arrest behind them, Michael warms to Galen, who strangely came to Michael’s rescue just minutes after Michael was released from the police station’s lock-up. As their unexpected friendship grows, feelings Galen hasn’t experienced in years, ones he thought had been the youthful yearnings of a boy in need of friendship after tragedy had struck his family, awaken in Galen. But as the answers to Galen’s questions about his feelings become clear, Michael retreats. Will Galen give in to a longing for a man who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him and enter the fight of his life? Will the object of his affection, the man preoccupying his thoughts, fight with him…or against him?

Can Michael resist the man whose tragic history and quiet toughness have attracted him the way no other man has? Will he risk loving a man who may not be able to love him back?

City of Angels Romances are meant to be enjoyed as standalone reading experiences and can be read in any order. Read one or read them all! Set in Los Angeles, the men in these novellas and novels fall in love and break up and make up and discover themselves and their hearts and find ultimate true love downtown, in Hollywood, on the beach, on Sunset Boulevard, and anywhere in the City of Angels where their soulmate may be waiting.

A Darrow Publishing – Aequalitas book | 174 print pages

Darrow Publishing hopes you’ll ask your neighborhood independent bookseller about this book. (ISBN ~ 978-0-9993487-2-7)

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