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Darrow Publishing is a teeny-tiny Los Angeles–based micro press. We may be small, but we appreciate a broad range of genres, from historical fiction to gay romance to legal thrillers and more. Novel? Novella? Poetry collection? Groundbreaking nonfiction? Yes! Please! If the story or theme is Los Angeles–centered, we’re that much more of a sucker.


Darrow Publishing – Litterae | Literary fiction

Darrow Publishing – Juris | Fiction of any genre with an underlying theme of law and/or social justice

Darrow Publishing – Aequalitas | Fiction of any genre which portrays socially and politically marginalized groups in a fair and positive light


Deborah Leigh ~ Wake Not the Hangman

Sailor Penniman ~ City of Angels Romances: The Ugly Post | Then Came Michael | Carry the One

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Where fitting, our titles have readers’ guides for use with book clubs. Links to this free but copyrighted material can be found in the listing for the book.

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