Sailor Penniman

Sailor Penniman writes LGBTQIA romantic fiction under Darrow Publishing’s Aequalitas imprint, which highlights fiction of any genre which portrays socially and politically marginalized groups in a fair and positive light.

In The Ugly Post, Sailor Penniman shows us what can happen to even the deepest love when we rely too much on the written word. | A City of Angels Romance | E-book | Paperback

In Then Came Michael, Sailor Penniman takes us on a ride-along with a policeman who finds out whom he was meant to love when he arrests a man he’ll never forget. | A City of Angels Romance | E-book

In Carry the One, Sailor Penniman exposes life on the streets of downtown L.A. for those experiencing homelessness and explores what that life is like for one man who, smack-dab in the middle of the turmoil, has finally found his soul mate. | A City of Angels Romance | E-book

City of Angels Romances are meant to be enjoyed as standalone reading experiences and can be read in any order. Read one or read them all! Set in Los Angeles, the men in these novellas and novels fall in love and break up and make up and discover themselves and their hearts and find ultimate true love downtown, in Hollywood, on the beach, on Sunset Boulevard, and anywhere in the City of Angels where their soulmate may be waiting.